Marshalloy MQ®

Cleanliness & Polishability to Meet Demanding Specifications

Whether you make mold cavities for plastic injection molding, tool frames, holder blocks, or anything else that requires easy-to-handle, pre-hardnened alloy steel plate, Marshalloy MQ® deluxe plate is the perfect material.

Because Marshalloy is pre-hardened to 280/321 BHN, it features uniform hardness throughout the plate, which makes for easier machining without compromising cleanliness.

Marshalloy MQ® is available decarb-free and stress-relieved, and may be used effectively in EDM processes.

Marshalloy compares favorably to conventional P20 type steels in:

  • > Cleanliness/Polishability
  • > Hardenability
  • > Hardness
  • > Mechanical Properties
  • > Machinability
  • > Versatility

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